RO/DI Questions


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Hello all,

Just getting back into the hobby after a 5 year haitus. Got my ro/di unit up and running with new filters, membrane and di cartridge. I should mention, I have moved from an area with superb water to an area with fair water.
I have noticed that I am having trouble keeping the DI container filled with water. My setup has 50lbs of pressure, and a float valve in the receptacle tank to shut off when full. I can unscrew the DI canister, and it fills with water, then a few hours later I'll check it and the level in the canister will be down an inch or two. I never had that problem in my previous setup. Is this a problem? Any suggestions?
Second, I do have a pressure pump to increase ingoing pressure, but with 50 lbs, didn't figure I need it. Shoould I hook it up to get the pressure up to say 80 or 90 lbs? Would it help in as much as making water quicker and have less waste? TIA


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I got the 75gpd deluxe Ro/DI with 150 GPD Water Saving Upgrade Kit
and booster pump I am on well water. Got it from Bulk Reef Supply they advised me that the pump should be 65 lbs pressure but mine is at 60lbs & they said that would work fine.


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Thanks guys. Think I will lay off the pressure pump to see how this does here. Hooking it up for a 10 - 15 lb increase doesn't seem worth it.