RO/DI Replacement

Nano Chris

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I have a ro/di unit (captive purity 75gpd) that I bought years ago from you guys. Recently got back into the hobby & bought the new cartridges and all. But I was wondering about those refillable DI cartridges. Is there anything special you gotta do beside fill them up with the resin? I'm trying to save $ also if I was wondering. With it being 75gpd, is it possible to upgrade the system so it could do more? If so what would I have to replace? The RO & flow restricter or not possible?


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RODI have a lot of waste by design. I have a 100GPD unit but would take forever to make water. Added another membrane and also an Aquatic Life booster to my unit. I can now make 5 gallons in about 25 minutes and waste about 1/3 the amount of water as before....