RO Unit


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I like to use RO unit for 30 gallon water change on my 75 gallon tank. Which brand and type is good? I'm not very handy, just want to use faucet adapter connection.


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I have the Barracuda. Produces (in the summer) 5 gallons in 1 hour or so. In the winter it takes about 2 hours since it's slower with colder water.

My unit DID NOT come with a faucet adapter--- it did come with a female threaded part like you'd screw onto an outdoor faucet, so a quick trip to PetSmart for a brass "Python No-Spill Clean-n-Fill" sink adapter for a few dollars solved the problem for me--- fits the sink just fine now.


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i have an airwaterice and its been working great for years, just have to buy the replacement cartriges when its time and forget it.