Ro unit???


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The people at my lfs said that ro units need to be run with water at around 76 degrees to work this true? I have mine hooked up my cold water pipe in my house i think the water is alot lower than 76 degrees. Is there anything i can do to warm it up?
Melev has a pretty good idea posted on his website. Scroll almost to the bottom of this page:

If you live in a very cold area, here’s a nice solution to keep your flow rate up even when your water supply is very cold:

Replace the tubing that leads from your cold water pipe to the unit with a 25' long piece. Coil as much of that tubing inside a 5 gallon bucket and fill the bucket up with water so the coils are submerged. Put an aquarium heater in the bucket and set it to 78° F. The heater will keep the bucket water at that temperature, and the water will warm up the water traveling through the tubing to your RO/DI unit. Production rates will jump back to normal.
77 degrees is optimal but they will work fine at much lower temperatures just with a reduced output. has a really cool calculator that shows what you can expect if you know your water temperature and water pressure.