Rock, Sand, Water?


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I'm about to fill my tank.. Is that the order I put everything in? Or is it Water, Rock, Sand?

If there's no life in the tank, is it okay to add salt directly in?


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I put sand in first and then water and ten Salt and as soon as I get ready for my live rock that will be last. I just set up my 75 gallon a couple of days ago. I added salt through my sump and let it go though to get mixed. I had to occasionally put my hand in to mix some of the salt that started to gather in corners, that way it would dissolve faster.



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I put water, warmed it up to 79 degrees, then mixed salt in. Added two powerheads for a few days, then added my rock. I let my rock cure, then added sand.


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I would reccomend having pre-mixed salt-water ready - room temp should be fine initially. Add the sand first (otherwise you will get the worst sand-storm), and then water, and then rock. The tank will take a few days to settle down and clear up, but the live rock will help (the bacteria helps settle down the tiny pieces that make the water cloudy). At least, that is how I started my tank and haven't had any problems so far. HTH.
- Andrea


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In Michael Paletta's book, he suggests putting rock in first, then sand (to stabilize the rock) and then adding the water. I did it this way and my rocks don't budge.

If you're going to add the salt directly to the display, I'd add half your water, then half the salt, get a pump moving the water, then add the rest of the water and the last of the salt.


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I agree with lakwriter, I put my rock in first to stabilize my structures. Then add the sand, put something on top of the sand like the bag it came in. Make sure your premix your saltwater and get it up to temp like bassist said, especially if you are using live sand. And pour that on top of the bag to minimize the sandstorm.


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I agree with jelly, rock first, then sand, then a plastic bag followed by water. Plasti really helps minimize the sandstorm!


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i put the sand then water then rock all i did was all off the base rock i would twist back and fourth till i heard the rock hit the bottom of my tank i never had a problem