RODI filter system - waste-water ratio question


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You guys down in good old North Virginia must run on the old faithful "Well Water".

Up here in Yankee country we pay twice to flush the toilet. Once for the water to flush the toilet and second to get rid of the water we just used to flush the toilet :beer:

Isnt northern va considered part of the uniin... that would make us yanks as well lol

Yea we obviously hsve sewage plants.. but we get charged for water and thats it.. i never even knew sewage charges existed.. figured our taxes paid for that kind of stuff lol

If that were the case id drain my tabks outside lol.. which i do anyway but still


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Careful with add on membrane kits. Make sure your carbon blocks are adequate. If you have chloramines you will likely get break through.

Also, adding a second membrane doesn't reduce the waste ratio, that is all about the flow restrictor. You still need enough flush water. Just adding a second membrane and restricting down to 2:1 is going to foul the membranes quicker.


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Same here in upstate NY, charged for the water, and then for the sewer to remove it. Sewer charges are based on your water usage. Guess they figure if your using it, it must be going down the drain too? IDK but it's never much, like 80$ every 3 months in the winter, and 100$ in the summer from watering the lawn, washing the car, etc.

Think mine went up about 20$ (roughly 7$ a month to make my own water, still cheaper then buying it at the LFS)when I started making my own water.