RODI Parts?


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I bought a RODI off a fellow RC'er ....
It seems I got two,

One says Coralife on it, the other a different brand name.
Total, there are 4 canisters (2 on each bracket), 2 membrane holders.

Question 1:
Should I hook up BOTH membrane canisters into one system?

Question 2:
I need all new media/filters/memberanes....
Do all of them fit in all the canisters? Do I have to get coralife's etc?
I would prefer to buy from somwhere reliable (BRS, etc)

Thanks everyone!

Coral Head

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You would want to hook them up into one system. You need three filters to produce your RO water. The fourth canister would contain your Deionization media. The result would be RODI water with "0" TDS reading.


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Thanks Coral Head...

What filters should I get - are they all "brand" interchangeable ... meaning can I order from BRS instead of getting coralife replacements?