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well i am trying to find out if anyone has heard of this brand of a rodi system and if i should get it or not the only thing it will be for a 24 gallon nanocube any advice would be greatly appreciated. it is a purewaterclub rodi system has anyone heard of them or tried them?


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Never heard of them. Lots on here recommend brs. I have one from purelyh2o and it has been great.

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sounds more like a drinking water system than a fish system. i always bought and happy with BRS units.


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they said it is for both aquarium and drinking water im looking for something a little less expensive since im not making that much money trying to keep it on a budget you know


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Here is the real deal; It is not the unit but the cartridges that make for a good RODI. I could care less what the containers or mounts are. Make sure you buy a good TDS meter (an inline one is the best) and test the good water coming out of the RODI. If the TDS is 0, then the filter is working.

When it tests 1 ppm TDS, then it's time to change some cartridges. When you do change them, make sure to purchase quality cartridges. You can find them at Bulk Reef Supply, Air Water Ice, Spectrapure, etc.


I have a Purewaterclub RO system now. It's a decent system - the TDS readings are very low, but you may have to tweak it to keep it from leaking. (I've had problems with drip leaks from the DI cartidges...)


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If you look around the forums for your local clubs you should be able to find a decent unit at a lower price and most will give you any extra filter media they have.