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Is there a preferred unit for home use? It's time to invest in some equipment since i'm planning on adding a new 90 gal setup to the house.

is the small unit from the filterguys going to be enough?


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Thats the first piece I ever bought before I started a Reef was a good RO/DI unit.As long as it has a DI cartridge and comes with a TDS meter your set.
I bought a Typhoon 3 when we started out over 3 years ago and its been great so far,the Filterguys make a great unit as well,just so many to pick from...:D



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This is the one i'm looking at:

All systems are made to order with clear 10" canister housings
Stage One NSF rated 5 micron poly sediment filter
Stage Two 5 Micron Matrikx NSF rated CTO/2 carbon block filter
Stage Three 0.6 Micron Matrikx NSF rated +1Chlorine Guzzler carbon block
RO membrane 75 GPD Dow FilmTec
Stage Five in-line color-changing DI cartridge
Quick connect fittings
Self Piercing Saddle Valve Water Supply Connection
Drain Connection
Filter wrench to make cartridge replacement easy



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I bought one RO/DI unit for about $100. It quickly stopped living up to it's production claim. then, last Jan. I accidently let it freeze. (it really was an accident, at least consciously).

I now own the Air Water Ice Typhoon 3. It's a great unit and the people there have great customer service.

Additionally, they are a sponser of COMAS and donate prizes to our raffle.


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I also recommend the typhoon 3, which is what I am using and it seems to be working great. I have only had it for about a yr and it still reads under 3 ppm. I am using it to make ro/di for my 125.


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Word of caution on the "self-piercing" water valves....Do Not Use Them!

IF you get them to pierce a water line and not leak initially you are lucky...they will leak sooner or later. I recommend that you tap into a waterline using correct plumbing methods. The device looks fine other than that.

One more thing...I am currently fighting OKC Water Dept in regards to my water quality. I ran my RO/DI for 2 days and the 1 micron prefilter was clogged up with red dirt sediment. I live just north of Quail Springs and there is construction in the area and that is the "cause" of the muck in my water as per the water dept. Another problem I am having is that I have 550-565 TDS from the tap.....

Here is my prefilter after 2 days use. I have more prefilters on order and if this continues, OKC Water Dept will not like the phone call.



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I would think a letter might make more of an impact. Naturally, had you left your trash cans out say... a few hours to long you might get that huge notice posted on your garage door.

Also, how does the construction make the city water supply nasty like that? I thought those lines were sealed from contaminates after leaving the plant? EH?


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Peace i hear ya guy. I live by the fairgrounds and my TDS are that high also. replace replace replace, kinda makes me think twice about drinking tap water, which we won't anymore. I see them out here everyday flushing the lines.



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The lab amanager for OKC water stated that Lake Hefner and Lake Overholser is fed from the North Canadian River. The North Canadian River is fed from the northwest part of the state where it gets its very high TDS content from. It seems that OKC water dept never gets phone calls complaining about super high TDS because they had as many questions for me as I did for them, especially when I brought up the fact that the EPA has a maximum of 500 TDS for municipal water.

Funny thing is, the water in downtown OKC reads 50 TDS and mine is 550-565. Apparently downtown water comes from Lake Draper or some other source.


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When I lived in Bricktown, you could practically get away without an RO/DI. I think I went through one DI cart in a year. Now I live in the western side of the city with TDS regularly much higher than 500. Thank goodness for bulk DI resin.



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Did OP buy a RO/DI unit?

Did OP buy a RO/DI unit?

Tony - sorry that I missed you at the COMAS meeting last night... did you purchase an RO/DI unit, or are you still looking?

There is a used Filter Guys RO/DI system for sale on eBay right now - the current bid is $50 plus $20 shipping. You would only have to buy new filter media and you would be good to go - on a budget.

The auction will end about 8:00 p.m. on Sunday February 10. Just in case you're interested.

Search for RO/DI on eBay or PM me if you would like a link to the auction. (I am not the seller)