Rose Bubble Question???


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I have had my tank up for a few months now...
I have four Roses in my 210 and none of them have really bubbled up. I have one big one and the others are small ones from my main one splitting over and over.
Does this mean I have too much flow? I don't have to have them bubble, although I think it makes them look cool

Is it just a time issue? Thanks you guys!

Here is a youtube video of my tank so you can see the anemones

Thanks again!


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In my opinion you don't have enough flow in that tank. It looks great what lighting do you have and do you feed your rbtas? I think bubbling for bta is a genetic trait just like people that have black hair and blue eyes (ex) but this is just my understanding, (I have done a couple of experiments). When you bought them did they have bubble tenicals. My rbta for instance don't really bubble up no matter how much I feed or what my lighting is.

Side note my rbtas are under 2 250 watt mh, with 2 54 watt t-5 half way up.
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I'd be interested to know what your lighting is. From what i understand, they "reach" for the light when there isn't enough.


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What would you recommend for more flow?
I have metal halides, power compact florescent, and lunar
I don't know that wattage though?


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Sorry great video forgot to mention that. Well I use korilla 4's in my 75.I would take your maji jets and go with the sure flow kit for them, like the one in the back right corner in your video, that would make a big difference. In my opinion you want at least 40x turn over rate in water movement through out the tank. Depending on what your planing to keep(sps, softies, lps, whatever). With the metal halides turn them off carfully try to look at the bulbs and see if there is a wattage printed on the bulbs.

Agian some bta never bubble up there just born like that, lol.


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I've actually noticed my RBTA losing its bubbles once my halides turn on. When I bought it, it never had any bubbles. Since then I've supplemented with a long actinic period and very few feedings. It has developed bubbles and has kept them for almost 2 months now. I'm not sure if it's correct but the halides could be too much light for them. I've noticed that another RBTA that I bought that had bubbles from the LFS will also shrink under my halide but bubble up under my actinics. I'm using a Outer Orbit 250w 10k w/ T5 actinics over my solana.

I wonder if anyone else would try this theory to see if it works or not but good luck to you.


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I believe the mh's are 250 watt
I am out of town right now or I would just look
Thanks a lot!
I want to have a mixed reef, but I am looking to do mainly sps
If I buy two more of the sure flow kits do you think I will have enough flow? or will I need to add more?
Thanks for your help


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No problem I like to help fellow reefers I had to learn the hard way and I am no expert. You will still need more If you have a 210 gallon tank you at least want 40x turn over rate. so you need 16,400 gallons per hour moving through your tank. You also need to figure out what you gph is out for your return for you sump after head loss( thats how many gph you loose per foot the power head has to move the water vertical)

Also if you have the money look into tunzes there pricey but I always wanted some they kick azz.
here is the upgrade. flow,flow.html

Several of these will do the trick, depends on what model mj you have. I key is to have the water flow random and no standing water.
In my rbta/sps frag tank 60 gallon , I have 2 sure flow 900 model mj so that 3,200 so far plus 400 gph frm my retun and then 2 korilla 3's 1,700 gph ttl of 5,300 gph in my little 60 gallon
88x turnover

sorry link doesnt work
just search

Algae Free Sure Flow 1600 Maxi-Jet Upgrade Kit


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im with Speed, more flow....

i prefer tunze nano stream 6025s to any other budget pump they can be easily modified to handle well over 1200gph and they have a really nice strong magnet.