rotton frag stealer (movie)


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What you will see in this video is a large tiger pistol shrimp that decides he doesn't like how I've positioned my frogspawn. He moved it a total of two inches across the sand with his fat accomplice, the randall's goby. Video is about 8-9Mb:

(and no whining about quicktime)


This shrimp will come about 15 inches away from his hole and steal any loose frags or shells. He stole a 3in colony of prostrata and used it to brace the sand wall.


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Nice vid ! I love the Goby being a lookout.

The best part was when the Goby tries to back in to the hideout and discovers that his accomplice has blocked the entry with the stolen merchandise.

" Frogspawn ? Um no officer, haven't seen any frogspawn per se. Oh that ? That's our Christmas tree. My friend Mr. Pistol maintains a brutal schedule, working his poor pinchers to the meat. We just haven't found the time to take it to the dump."


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Mine has stolen an Elias blue frag(gone forever) and my incredible hulk frag. In this case he decided to poush it back out after a week and it was still alive!!! Interesting creatures just a little irritating at times.