Royal Gramma's


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Are they usually shy in the beginning? Mine has crawled into a rock, and i'm worried because i was almost sure he was going to die during acclimation.

If i catch him i'm trading him in for a firefish. I just hope he doesn't die where he's at because i'll have to tear down my rocks to get him. :(


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They tend to hide a lot until they are comfortable. Even then they will quickly hide if they are startled. I would say, be patient. I have had fish swim into a rock where I could not get them to come out. Yet they come out on their own. Hope everything works out.
Keep your tank covered with fire fish, they are real jumpers.


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just took my royal back to my lfs. sucker was an a$$ to my clown and all of my shrimp.

if you're looking to catch it wait until it goes into a rock to hide. pick up the rock and throw it in a bag.


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fire fish are just as bad about hiding, i have had one for 2 months an although he doesn't hide he has his own little corner in the tank were he stays. feeding him is a pain he will hide when i feed the tank and its hard to make sure he gets some


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i have a royal, he hid for the first 2 weeks, and is still somewhat shy, but they do come out more with time, Firefish are worse though. Stay with the Gramma, he'll come out


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My gramma hid most of the time for the first month. Would only come out to eat and in between bites would go back in her hole. Now she's out most of the time with the rest of the community. She goes to her hole when the lights go out. She's real friendly, when I go up to the tank she come over to me and hangs out. She stares at me right in the face. I like her a lot.


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Love my gramma.
He did the same as others, hide at first.
Not shy at all now.
Agree, firefish are about the same, or more shy.
Give him time.