RR90,sump,ato for sale 07747


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I have a 90 gallon reef ready tank, trigger sys. amethyst 26 sump and the matching 5 gallon ATO. asking for $250 . pickup only 07747, available on weekends starting 1/16/21. thank you

Tank has some minor scratches but not a big deal, no leaks. Has been used for freshwater since 2016. no chemicals. will need to be cleaned. I don't have pics of the sump and ato but can get them if you want.
Here is the tank
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updated pics, empty

updated pics, empty

here are pics. empty and ready to go. I have the 2 pipes for the overflow and bulkheads (were fine before i emptied and removed). needs to be cleaned. I just wiped it down a bit.
tank measures 48x18x25
sump 26x13x15
ato 6x14x15


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