RSM 130 questions


New member
So I have just upgraded my RSM 130, which I have bought second hand, with led lights. It's working great and now I'm almost ready to restart this wonderful hobby!

However, I have a few problems:

- Where do I put filter floss in the RSM 130?
- Where do I put the heater?
- I have a new skimmer, I think it's the Aqua Medic Turboflotor 500 (http://************.com/files/2010/05/turboflotor-blue-500-aquamedic-protein-skimmer-2.jpg), it certainly looks like it. Anyway: how do I put it in my RSM 130? What is that little blue thingy with the air hose?
- Is "isomo" (I don't know the English word) safe in a fish tank? (pic:
- I think I'll need an extra pump for better flow. I still have a Hydor Koralia 900, is this enough?
- What kind of sand should I take? This time, I want to be able to vacuum it once in a while (or is that a bad idea?)
- What's the optimal reef tank temperature? I've heard 26°C, but also 23°C.

If there's anything else I really should know.. it's been a while!