RTN Parasites , is this them ?


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Hello all , sorry if this is a well covered topic , but i was struggling to find threads about this and not sure if
this is my trouble , so here are a couple of pics, first is a new colony i got from a lfs only been in the
tank for about 2 weeks and the 2nd pic is just 5 hours later, Yikes ! lately i have lost all my sps,

ok the insert image is not working at the moment?

So the colony is about 3 inches tall with about 6 branches, the 1st pic was over nite it lost about 60% of
it's tissue and about 5 hours later it's all gone , now it's not from this colony, as this has been happening
for many months ( but not at this rate) a while back in the beginning of this, I had ALK fluctuations, thinking it was that ( I was dialing in a constant peristaltic pump for my cal reactor , previously had a pinch valve on a hose for the effluent drip)

I can't see any pests or any fish or invertebrates eating on them, some LPS seam ok and the only softies i have
in the tank (green star and palys) are unaffected, so i just became aware of rtn parasites, this makes sense,
if it is them , they are microscopic, you can't see anything on the coral at any time

I have never dipped new corals , please don't hate me, "I Will Do It" from now on,

Will Prime Coral work ???

Ok found out a way to give you guys a short (very short) video on youtube


Thanks for your time ,,,,


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sorry for got to put my Specs,,, standard 120 gal, 40 gal sump, 25 gal, bare bottom refugium currently no cheato,( struggling to get it to grow, i have an H80 Kessel tryed blue to red and in between,,, symptom?) two MP40 Vortech pump either side of the display ( we can talk about programs) 2 radion gen3 pro's (running WWC's ab+) cal reactor keeps the alk-8.9 cal-420 ph-8.2 temp-77.5 to 78.5 mag-1300 N03-13.5 P04-0.07
but the SG ,,,, calibrated refractometer says .23 calibrated Hanna electronic meter says .26 what do i trust ??? and all these parameters have always been this for a long time except the alk that I wrote about in my first post , again thanks for your time


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RTN Parasites , is this them ?

Simple answer. There is no such a thing as RTN parasite. RTN is a death of the coral, it is a result not a cause if that makes sense. People often want to find a cure to "œRTN" but it's it's not about the RTN it's about what killed the coral (or sometimes rarely, a part of the coral) to cause RTN, and that could be a million different things.

Things to consider:
Ph swing or too low
All swing
Low nutrients
Nutrient swing
Coral was weak and the move killed it
Lack of light
Too much light too fast
Parasite (usually this causes stn more often, but if the coral was weakened that could be it)
Brown jelly disease (usually low flow low ph causes it to take over)
Wild piece not adjusting well

Many other reasons.
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Right , sorry, a type of Philaster parasite is what I'm asking , as there have been many other sps dying off and once it a
starts on a piece it goes Very fast , there have been no swings of any kind as I have been testing multiple times a week , good flow with the vortechs , and the lights have not changed and all this has been the same from a while back when things were growing . that's why I thinking something new. plus the speed in which the rtn Is happening . here's symptom. I fraged a piece off top of the dying piece before it got up to there . tha KS again


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Question how old is your system? Sudden changes can cause this and sometimes you will see the effects at a later date. Things with specially acros happen slow.