Rubber Maid 100 Gal. Sump Ideas

Greg 45

New member
Anyone rumming this type of sump on there reef tank. If so please post pictures to give me a idea on set up.
If so are you running any baffles to stop micro bubbles from getting into tank.
I have a dart for a return pump to install , and a MTC / HSA 1000skimmer to install also.
Thank You

stan zemanek

New member
hope these pics help i made my own bubble traps out of pvc pipe



bubble traps worked so well i too out all the live rock from sump!

Greg 45

New member
Stan pm me where are you located in NJ. I would like to come over and look at your set up . You are the second person I have seen without a gate valve on the skimmer. Is that a MTC.
Thank you Greg