Rubbermaid storage containers?


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I am going to buy a rubbermaid trash can to store my premixed water. Are all rubbermaid storage containers fine to use? Or only certain types?


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on the brutes, only the Gray, white, and yellow ones are food grade. You will find only the gray ones @ HD or Lowes. They are fine, and that's what most people use to mix water. If you want to store water, make sure you get the LID to keep stuff out of your water. I have a 55g plastic barrel that I got from one of my LFS, who got it from the local Coke plant. it held syrup for the soda mix, and I am using it as my RODI water storage. I am going to get another one for mixing my SW, or a 44g brute.

here's a pic.


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I went to home depot and bought a grey 32 gal Wheeled Refuse Container. The Ruberrmaid brute was in black only and 3 times the price. Will this container be fine for water storage even though it is not a brute?


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We were shocked at the price of the grey Brute ourselves. We ended up not taking a chance and getting the big grey (40gal?) food grade one.

From what we've read - you may get leaching of toxins in the water if it is not food grade.

But we aren't experts so we're not sure. We were not going to take a chance for 30 or so bucks more for the food grade.

Not worth it to us.