Rubble rock for pods in JBJ 28g nano


New member
I have a quick question/idea I wanted to run by you all. Especially if you have the same model of nanocube as me.

I am thinking of adding a good amount of rubble rock between the two return pumps in the back of the unit. I am hoping that this rubble rock would help increase my pod population.

Right now, it is just bare bottom (minus some sand dust/detrius that settled there) and not being used. It is always always rather dim lighting.

I know this is kind of vague and I will try to draw up what the back looks like in paint when I get home. But is there anything I'm not thinking off? Will copepods find the rubble rock, settle down, find enough food, and start reproducing? I wasn't planning on giving them their own food source, just whatever gets by all the filters and stuff.

What do you think? Would adding the rubble rock (its dry right now, might still have organic material on it) mess my tank up? What things have I not though of?

Please if you need any more info to clarify more, let me know.