rust in aquarium


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Maybe a silly question but just wondering what rust in the aquarium does. I know it's a bad thing but don't know why.
Reason I ask is that i've had some cheap powerheds in aquarium and have noticed a small ammount of rust on shafts. I have replaced them with carbon fibre rod that I got from a hobby shop, but just wondering what damage this has been doing o my tank.


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That depends on what's rusting. Plain iron wouldn't do much damage, but other metals can have elements that could cause problems. I wouldn't worry too much about a powerhead designed for saltwater use. The volume of rust should be very small.


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I had a friend use a hose clamp in his sump. This hose clamp had been in there for quite some time and had plenty of rust on it. The funny thing is that his tank had amazing colors and few algae's. Go figure.