Rusty Wet End Magnet and Grey Blister?


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I was taking out the wet end for a cleaning and found that the magnet and screw is beginning to rust. There is also a large grey colored blister protruding from the magnet. I've only had my vortech running for a little over 3 months. I thought these magnets would last 18-24 months before it needs to be replaced? I've already sent it in for warranty work in January (purchased the pump in December). Do I have to send it in again or can you guys just send me a replacement magnet and I install it myself?



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good luck on getting that magnet

are you being sarcastic? I received mine in 3 days.


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I wasn't expecting to get mine until next week but I just received it in the mail today. Pretty darn fast.........thanks.

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I was out of stock for a few days as I did not check my stock level and did not realize I was out. That was an error on my part. That is what accounted for a delay for a couple users who had previously been informed of this through e-mail. Glad you got yours okay.