Sad story of getting in a hurry......

Angela Short

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I posted this in my reef club forum and thought I would share my bad luck, bone head story with you guys in hopes someone may learn from my mistakes. I use to frequent the disease forum often when I had more time giving advice where I could and preaching on the "right" way to QT and the importance of it. Funny how I forgot my own words of wisdom.... This is happening right after loosing almost all my acroes with the tank move a few weeks ago :(.....

More bad luck!
I just can't get a break!! I am looking at loosing all my fish from the 80 gallon due to velvet. I make myself sooo mad sometimes! ESPECIALLY since I am the one in the club who preaches QT QT QT! I knew I was going to hypo the whole tank before ever putting anyone in the 270 for insurance against ever introducing ick in such a big tank. So I added a fish from a LFS un QTed right into the display and 2 fish from a fellow hobbiest. I was thinking the tank was going into hypo in a week or so anyways so it wouldn't be a big deal if they brought ick in.

I never thought about the other nasty, VELVET (amyloodiniosis). It is not as common as ick but much, much worse. Very fast kliller (when you realize you have it) and you don't even realize you have a problem till its all but to late. Hypo does nothing for velvet, Copper is the only readily avaliable treatment for this nasty bugger. To make it worse, copper is even more toxic in a hposalinity situation so I am dam** if I do and dam** if I don't. So I went ahead and dosed copper after raising PH and alkalinity to help stabalize it somewhat but I have calcium carb. sand in the tank which is probably just sucking my copper up.

The royal gramma has done passed over, the PB tang and coral beauty are covered in the dusty look and breathing so hard they may not make it through the night. The wrass is hidding uner some PVC and the 2 clowns have a dusting on there skin but seem to be breathing fine. My LMB I have had from my 1st tank attempts and had sentimental value is breathing hard also. Velvet takes a few cycles to build up enouph of a mass of parasites in the gills to do damage. When the fish starts gilling very fast and shows outward signs (dusty look) it is ussually to late as the gills are damaged beyond repair and death is within a day or two.

I am in no way mad at the LFS or the person I got the other 2 fish from because I feel it is my responsability as a hobbiest to cover my own bases. And any fish has the potential of introducing a disease. I am just MAD at myself for being in a hurry and adding new guys to my healthy stock just so I could hypo eveyone together and get more fish in the big tank faster. There is a lot more nasty things out there besides ick and I just seem to had forgotten that. I should know by now getting in a hurry just ='s trouble in this hobby .

BTW anyone who got fraggs from me at the swap should be fine as I added all 3 possiable carriers of the disease well after the swap and I haven't fragged out of my tank since then.

Sorry so long, just needed to vent and reitterate my stand on QTing. Why does bad stuff always happen to me?