Sailfin Tang Help


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My sailfin has been acting wierd thyesterday and today. He lets the underside of him rub on the rocks and he sits back in a hole in the rock work(doesn't really move) and just hangs out. I fed them a lot of greens last night hoping to get some activity out of him, but he just sat their while the other fish went crazy over the food. All of my levels look good as of 2 days ago. The only thing is that I had a 6 degree temp swing because of a stuck heater. The temp went from 76night to 82/83 day. I'm not sure if this did it or if the stress of having the yellow tang got to him. They were both introduced into my tank at the same time and they have been in there like a week and a half. Pics of both of there are here:
he may be coming down with ick. You may try garlic treatment - I believe it helped my juvenile emperor angel overcome it's bout with ick.