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Sup guys,

I am in the process of getting new testing kits as I need to start testing for Mag - Alk - and Calcium, and was wondering where the best place to get Salifert tests. They are pretty expensive at some of the LFS and on some online stores. Was also thinking about going with the reefmaster API tests.

Any advice?



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Check with Ali or Tom (Amazing Reefs & Aquariums or SoCal Tropical Fish)

The REeFFers

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toms 1+ i had the api kit does not test alot of things for the money, but i got different ones from tom its a yellow box Sera i think thats the company, I have checked it with a salifert kit and the numbers are only a small amount off, So for the money not bad( could have just been user erron). Tom says the elos is better if money isnt a big deal.