saliferts new alk test kit?


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has anyone used the new kit yet? do you just add the liquid and watch it turn from blue to pink? and it also comes with another bottle for accuracy?

Thanks just asking?


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i have and it is,at least my kit,very accurate compared to other kits.yes you have no indicator solution now,it is already in is tough to read unless you do it in a very brightly lit area,and i love the calibration solution idea.i do it in the presence of the tank lights which for my old eyes is the easiest to read.


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From what I understand, it's the same except the new kit has a test standard that can be used to verify the accuracy of the kit.


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the new kit, in my experience, has issues just like the old one, cept it comes with a reference solution. The solution i got was 6.5 dkh and my test kit read 7.4-7.5 ish. When i used the reference with my cheap api kit it seemed to be around 6.5 if i had to guess since it only does 1 dkh increments.


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Sheesh, this is getting crazy.

I'm a little busy with my job right now, but, I plan on testing a bunch of alk kits in the next couple of weeks.

I have a bunch on hand, including the new Salifert you are all talking about. And an older one to reference it to. As well as Seachem, Elos, API and LaMotte.

This should be interesting, as you all know, I am a testing fool. :D

Stay tuned. :)


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I tested my water with a new API Alk kit (8), new Elos Alk kit (10) and an older Salifert Alk kit (9).

Then I tested older Salifert Ca (360) and an API Ca (500).

Then I tested older Salifert Mg (1150) and a RedSea Mg (1350).

I am beginning to hate test kits. It would be tempting to average the readings, but meaningless. I think I will have to spring for really good test kits, then knowing how much off the other kits are I could still use the other kits for routine testing and periodically use the good one as a check. I miss the days when I only had Salifert and just considered them the gold standard.