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What are the disadvantages and advantages to running a fowlr at say 1.020 or 1.019 instead of the usual 1.024 or 25? Or is there any?


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I cant speak for the live rock as I have a FO. I keep my salinity at 1.020 to 1.022. The experts say it is less stressful on fish because they dont have to breathe so hard. And I dont use as much salt :D

I've got happy and healthy fish.


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Natural saltwater is around 1.025. It does vary in different areas. So in the interest of your fish I would keep it close to there. Never heard any expert say 1.020 to 1.022 will make your fish breathe better.


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It's a fact Mike. Check it out. If you have fish only, your fish actually like a little lower salinity. I'm no expert but it has something to do with the way they get their oxygen out of the water. Different from freshwater fish.