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whats going on with my salt. i have a bucket of IO reef crystals and its been mixing for two days now but still isnt disolved! there are little white flakes and pellets looking things still in suspension. its not a new bucket ive used about half of it. i cant do water changes like this im sure my corals and nems wouldnt react well to salt pelllets landing on them.


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First thing I would think of, has your bucket of salt been exposed to too much moisture? Maybe it wasn't sealed right or you got some water in it, once it absorbs all that mositure it won't dissolve properly.


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turn off the pumps, and let it all settle.

then test KH and CA++ and MG.

if acceptable, you can do a water change and try to avoid pulling hte solids [or pour it into a filter sock before into your tank :) ]

what was said above is probably why its happening.


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this exact thing happened to me, only it was a 200 gal. box. the bag i was working on all of a sudden started dong this white flake thing too. opened up a new bag (last one in the box) and it did the same thing. call this lady at instant ocean, Rosemary hartman 1-800-822-100 ext.16115

She will set you up with a replacement bucket but she will want you to send in a small sample of your dry salt so they can test it.

i tested my bad water and found it low in DKH and calcium. I believe the problem was that the salt got moisture in it somehow and the water that you make will have the white snow....i think the calcium and the carbonate/bicarbonate are precipitating out.

i did the water change anyway (let the white snow settle to the bottom of bucket). buy a small bag of salt at the lfs to tide you over until the replacement arrives.