Saltmixing Station - Advice on cleaning plumbing?


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Hey guys,

Been a bit, but love the new forum. I've had a tank for about 4 years now and just realized all the salt residue in my salt mixing tank is probably catering to my higher nutrient loads (well that and the almost mildewy residue on the sides). So in this process the 40 gallon vertical tank I have is being tossed. The top opening is to small to really clean it out. (I bought a new 44 gallon brute trash can). My freshwater, ro/di water tank is still great.

However, in getting all the new connections set up, I realized most of the old plumbing is coated in this mildewy residue as well. Any advice on how to clean the pipes and the pump without using all new plumbing?

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Without using new plumbing, the only thing I can think of would be to use a drain snake with maybe a piece of cloth or similar and push it through, kind of like cleaning a gun barrel


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You might try running a vinegar solution through it for 24-48 hours. The acid removes a lot of the deposits left by hard (and salt) water.