Saltwater delivery


Does anyone know of a store or possibly a tank maintenance service that will delivery water? I going to need around 100-120 gallons of new saltwater delivered to Corona.
Honestly man, it will probably end up being less expensive if you get yourself a couple boxes of IO off Amazon and a few 30-50 gallon trash cans. I'm sure you have pumps around.


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For the cost of doing that, you might score a used rodi system along with the salt too .


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What they said. Also I'm in corona as well. If your problem is you don't have an RODI, you can get some from me.

I'd also recommend checking offer up for deals on brute trash cans or large Rubbermaid storage containers. You can probably get some dirt cheap and then resell after.


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Thanks for the advice. I think I’ll just mix my own.

Good plan.. lugging around water for a tank is no fun.

Being that it's a new tank, you can add the water.. then dump the right amount of salt and let a powerhead do the mixing for a few hours and adjust as needed. If you don't fill it all the way up, you can add rock after the salinity is correct. It's actually quite easy and will save a lot of cash.