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Anyone here recommend to buy fish from. Im trying to bye a clean up crew and was wondering if I should by a package from them or just go to the store and bye from them.

And if you have bought from them before how long did it take to arrive, and the condition they arrived in.


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I have ordered from them 3 or 4 times and they are great. They have a low min price which is good, and there shipping has always got here two days after I ordered from them. (One day processing and one for transit) The live stock that I have gotten from them has always arrived in good shape, and the corals have away exceeded there advertised size. Hope this helps and I would say go for it!


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I'll try to find a link, but someone from the Ohio clubs had a very bad expereince and even brought it up to the BBB.


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I had ordered all kinds of things from saltwaterfish about 3 times with good arrivals on just about everything (I had one sand sifting cucumber die on me after about 7 days... not sure why). Then, one time, my reef club put together a huge order from them and just about everything died. The animals were picked up at the FedEx location in the morning right after they came in and distributed to everyone throughout the day. Quite a few people met the "head buyer" at the FedEx place that morning (including mine... a randall's shrimp goby and a pistol shrimp), and there wasn't any better luck with those animals as compared with the others that got picked up later . They honored the live arrive guarantee, but even on the second order (which required actually placing another order and buying more stuff in order to get the refund and the free shipping) about half of the stuff died. I know they lost quite a few customers out of that order... and it made me very wary about buying from them despite my prior good luck. In any case, if you're just looking for clean-up crew and you're looking for quite a bit of it, you might find significantly better prices from other places anyway. When you're buying lots, even $.10 per critter can save you quite a bit of money. My personal favorite is I just bought 300 small hermits, 100 astreas, and a variety of other clean-ups to restock all of my tanks.


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I've had generally good luck the few times I've used them, but it does annoy me that half the stuff listed as sale are not in stock.

I got most of my cleanup crew from a place called Keys Critters I think...and the rest from Vivid.