San Francisco: Like New Apex Wifi + LDK Water Detection

Mark SF

New member
Like new Apex WiFi - This is new open box...I mounted this to the cabinet, connected it to the network once and then unplugged it and packed it away. EnergyBar has never been cycled...not trying to complicate the description just want to be transparent. My planted tank never got off the ground and this is what's left.

The available probes are brand new never used but I'm missing the salinity and ORP because I was going to use this for a planted tank and sold those off a while ago.

LDK is in similar like new condition, never been used.

Here's the breakdown:

Cost to replace ORP and salinity probes is $210 and factored into the overall asking price.

LDK $149
Neptune Apex WiFi Controller Kit - $799

Total New = $948 - 210 = $738

Take both for $600, I'd like to keep as a package for the time being.
P.S. - I have a Vertex magnetic probe holder that I'm tossing into the package for free. Would love to do someone local!