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Twenty years ago, cheap limestone sand and real live rock were plentiful, especially if you could find the 'Southdown' variety at a Home Depot. That ship sailed a long time ago, it seems. I'm wondering if there are any recommendations for where to source real rock and inexpensive sand these days. Is it all artificial? Can you recommend a supplier?

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Not cheap by any means but probably the best sand out there - Tropic Eden Reefflakes (comes in a variety of sizes).


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If you want live, ya can’t beat Johns reccomendations nowadays.

For sand, I use dry caribsea aragonite.

That said there’s been some Australian live rock coming in here and there (pushing $30/lb) but otherwise I haven’t seen anything.

Rumor has it, Walt Smith still has the capability to import but don’t think anyone is importing due to collection ban confusion

Neither option is cheap except you’ll occasionally find the Caribsea sand on sale on chewy or petsmart occasionally

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Gulf Live Rock is great. The shipping cost is included! As for sand, figure out what you want, then shop around for the best deal, and free shipping if you're shopping online. These two elements are extremely important for the success of your tank, so don't cut corners.


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I will say I never used live sand , but always live rock from Gulf live rock and Rocknreef. Both are nice with plenty of life.