Sand bed cleaning


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Ok how do I get my sand this clean (see video below). This tank has to be well established to keep this many fish. I know about CUC, sandsifters, etc. etc. etc. Some fish won't let you add any thing else to the tank. My purple dottie back wrecks every white diamond goby that I put in the tank. Is there any of siftinf gobies that I can add to the tank. or is there another way to add the goby??????????


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If the tank is established then you can add 1/2" layer of sand to get the nice white color. This is what I do on days when I photograph my tank.



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Unless I am mistaken all the corals and stuff in there is fake ... it looks fake anyway so he most probebly do not have very strong lighting in his tank and that would explain why there is no algae anywere in that tank ........... that is alot of fish though ... where is all the poop ?


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who says that tank is well established? or thriving?

maybe the guy is a complete moron and set it up yesterday and everyone was dead a week later? just guessing here, but I cant imagine a tank supporting that many fish...


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If you have a shallow sandbed you can gravel vac it. Do NOT do that if you have a deep sand bed.

With each weekly water change I do that to my tanks, and the sand is always white. I also have nass snails too.



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sorry to highjack this thread, i just have to say thankyou toddrex for your advice with my substrate change over, i followed your advice and all went fantastically well, many thanks again i really appreciate your input, sorry masonic man, i keep mine clean by stirring the bed but only very slightly, i suggest you dont do it more than quarter of an inch down, just a slight stir very slight