Sand for Diamond Goby


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I wanted to prepare my substrate for a diamond goby. I have a mature 65G reef tank with ton of pods. I used to have gravel, but removed it couple weeks ago to switch to a substrate more appropriate for a sand sifter. I was reading that "sugar grain" (0.8-1mm grain) salt is still appropriate for sand sifters and will not damage diamond goby's gills. Is that true? Had anyone tried it? If possible, I would prefer not to use fine sand, since "sand storms" created by a diamond goby can get annoying soon.


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Sugar sand can kill corals. Medium grade aragonite has enough 'tooth' to let jawfish build and is fine enough my yellow watchman (of similar size to a diamond) can handle it without apparent problems.

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Agree with CJ, aragonite is the grade you want. It still has small pieces of rubble that jawfish and similar sand dwellers like to use to shore up the entrance to their burrow.