Sand/Gravel Cleaner


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So just wanted to give Kudos to a product I tried tonight. I was in Petsmart checking things out in the Aquarium isle and this gravel/sand cleaner caught my eye. I always hate dealing with the hose and making sure it stays in my sump and in the filter sock and always thought an electric gravel cleaner would be handy. Well this caught my eye.

So I figured it's 50 bucks and I can always return it if it sucks (or doesn't suck which was more my worry).

So I added the included batteries, put the screen on and in I went. Siphoned the sand for 10 minutes....maybe 1.5" sand bed for those who are curious.

Below are before and after pics.



some very fine particulates escape but that is fine because some at least will get caught by my filter sock. Anyway, just wanted to let people know I love it so far.


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IMO, the downside to that is that the dissolved organics that are down in the sand will go right through that and now be spread throughout the water instead.

I have used a Python Siphon for about 30 years now.


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That's the purpose of my beast of a skimmer to pull out the organics in the water column. The issue I fine with a python is that unless you are sending it to a filter sock and recycling that water then before you know if you have siphoned outer 20% or however big your water change is. I do 5% a week so that gives we a few minutes before I remove 10 gallons.