Sand Questions


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I have about 100lbs of sand that was in my 72 when i took it down i put the sand into 5g buckets and the sand has been sitting about 4-5 months would it still be fine to use it again?


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I would as long as no chemicals have gotten into it. I would rinse it our first though.


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If you can't rinse with RO/DI, then don't rinse it at all. Tap water is loaded with bad stuff that is probably worse than anything in the sand now. If it's a new tank setup, i wouldn't bother rinsing it. It will just help get the cycle going.


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My suggestion is to wash the heck out of it with tap water first. Starting with RO/DI water is excessive since the first things you're going to wash out of it are the salts that dried in the sand and debris from the time in your aquarium.

Even tap water drying in your sand will leave less behind than your old aquarium water, the sand critters that died, detritus from previous life, etc.

I would, however, definitely follow it with a thorough RO/DI rinse.