sand shifter for nano


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can anyone recommend sand shifter that suits for nano? my tank is about 20 gallon, was going to get twin spot gobies but some said they need lotsa live sand to survive in long term:( . hectori goby is great and eat algae but its not available in australia:mad2:

so what are my options?
strangely enough ..we do have them here ....
i guess tonight i will be having chinese takeaway :p
Nassarius snails. I use them and they're fine. Sometimes I use my turkey baster to move the surface around. I don't know if it's a good idea or not, but I do it once a month or so. I also have a randals goby, but I didn't get him to sift sand. Diamond sleeper gobies move alot of sand around but they might outgrow your tank a little bit. You might want to check those out.
i have a yellow watchman goby, tiger tail sea slug, and a sand sifter star in my 24 nano, i think thats good enough, i also have nassarius snails, and what not, ...
i wouldn't suggest a sand sifting goby, i had a dragon goby and boy was that a mistake. In a small tank they end up dumping sand all over your corals. Plus they keep your water slighty cloudy with all the constant sifting.