Sandbed transfer


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Okay here is my situation, I have a 55 gallon, I am moving everything I have in the 55 to a new 75 that I got. The 55 gallon will literally be a few feet from the 75 gallon tank and I am going to try to do the transfer as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. My sand bed is not deep by any means, it is probably around an inch deep (40 pounds total I want to say). My plan is to (cleanly) siphon the entire sand bed from the 55 into a container where I can rinse and re-rinse it. (meanwhile the rest of the 55 remains untouched). I clean the sand, put it into the 75, add an inch of water from the 55 and test the water (after some time) to see if there is any major problems. If not, I proceed to aquascape the 75, siphon the water from the 55 to the 75, add the livestock when the water gets low enough (in the 55) to do so, then slowly add the extra 20 gallons of new saltwater.

My main concern here is the sandbed. Please offer advice to me as I'm not quite sure whether or not this will be as smooth as I picture it being. If you find a flaw in any other part of my process, please, feel free to point it out.