Schedule 80 bulkhead to 40 elbow?


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I wanted to order a Bulkhead from Marine Depot, only problem is that all the 2" bulkheads are in Schedule 80, but I have all 40 plumbing. Can they go together?

I am trying to plumb an Dart to an OM for a CL. Boy I have never wished so hard that I knew someone that was a plumber!


Yes, they go together. The HD bulkheads are the way to go, as far as I'm concerned. no worries about overtightening, and I've never had one fail.
The outside diameter (O.D.) is the same on Schedule 40 and 80. As the wall of the pipe gets thicker, the inside diameter (I.D.) gets smaller. On fittings, the outside diameter gets larger.
I seem to remember it not being a significant difference. I was, however, using 2X1" bulkheads on intake and exhaust to feed a closed loop pump with 1" input and output.

If it appears that the difference in IDs between your Sched 40 plumbing and sched 80 bulkhead is dramatic, you could always "optimize" the bulkhead for flow-- or carfully drill out the center divider. (the only part of the bulkhead with the sched 80 ID). I've done that when using schedule 40 fittings and sched 20 plumbing in flow sensitive applications
Now I hadn't even thought of that, thanks for a good idea! I hope I won't need to but its good to know your options.
Also check the diameter of the outside thread in the bulkhead. Schedule 80 diameter may be larger and not fit the hole in the aquarium.
Thanks for the heads up, I went to marine depot web site, they have listed that the 2" standard thread HD bulkhead will need a hole of
3 1/4". Just incase anyone else needed to know ;)