Schooling Yellow Tail Damel or Chromis


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I noticed when I go scuba diving that many of the same fish surround a piece of coral or hang out in the vicinity. I'm looking to recreate this a bit. Looking at Chromis which are schooling fish or the tamer Yellow Tail damsels. Have not found much on having 3-5 damesl in the same tank anyone have information or a picture of there tank with 3-5 damels? Which would be better and are the damsels ok in a group of 3-5.


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If you're looking for a school, damsels won't provide that. Schooling behavior is normally a defensive mechanism and is not often displayed in aquaria.

You would be better suited to try cardinal fish if you want a school.


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They are schooling for protection (in #s). When not threatened (by larger predators), they turn on each other, all kinds of Damsels (for territory).
In the wild, it's usually the juveniles that will school around a cave or coral, and when mature, they seek their own territory.
Chromis will stay in schools in larger tanks, but are still bastards to each other.


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So what I'm getting is stick to individual fish in a aquarium rather than getting 3-5 of the same fish. I want my tank to be pretty peaceful. Fish should be lovers not fighters!