Scolymia Vitiensis vs Scolymia Australis

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Hey RC community,

I have a Scolymia Australis already and was thinking of adding another Scoly of some kind. I was just wondering if anybody knows what the differences are between these two types of Scolys. Thanks!


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Scolymia vitiensis, closely resembles australomussa rowleyensis, when it grows out from the single corallite in the center. It forms smaller encircling "eyes", they are sometimes lumped in with the other "chalices", but tend to a flat growth pattern. Beautiful colors... and as far as the price goes they are pretty reasonable.


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About 199$lol

I don't know where you're buying them but around here they can be had for $50-80. I have seen pics that do resemble rowleyensis but the ones I have seen in person tend to be more like an ugly head of lobo.