Score one for the Beerguy


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I have to admit I have criticized your seemingly random decisions (at least it seems random to me) to close and delete posts in the past, but I will give credit where credit is due.

You finally got one right man. Racism is not patriotism... And not every Muslim is a terrorist.

There isn't any room around here for more racist crap.

Score one for the Beerguy...


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kudos for not allowing racism
taking the kudos back for closing the thread instead of deleting that particular post.

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yeah what i said was a little harsh ,apologies everyone,im not against muslims im really against the people who struck against us


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It's a fine line between Islam and Islamic fascism. Gotta always keep the fascism on the term or it can get people mad and hurt.


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I disagree. It's not a fine line. It's a huge canyon between the true Muslim and the disturbed creatures who hijacked those planes. The first thing I heard from my Muslim friends after 9/11 was, " Those people are not true Muslims. Our religion forbids this." Muslims are as good a people as any other culture, religion or race. The hijackers bear no resemblence to them.

I heard a song yesterday, "You don't love God, if you hate your neighbor". That's it in a nutshell.