Scott's 480g mixed reef! (I'm wall full Build)


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Hey everyone!

Just wanted to say how happy I am to finally have enough stability in life again to get back into the reef tank hobby as I have missed it SO MUCH!! Life can always throw you around like a ragdoll and it sure did to me. Things in my life are much better now (married my best friend and now have a daughter!) and we have a solid single family home in which I am now able to finally build a dream tank (literally)!!

I want this thread to be mainly for documenting my tanks life, growth and all the ups and downs I will face along the way... and of course the build to get it going.

I finally mustered up the courage to pull the trigger on a custom built acrylic tank from ACRYLIC CREATIONS during their Christmas in July sale. My wife and I (well lets be honest here, my wife mainly lol) decided on a 480g with the dimensions of 96x32x36!!!! This worked out pretty good as I had a rather new 125 long tank that I will be converting into a sump!

After we decided on the footprint of the tank and the location of where we wanted it in our home..... I began to gameplan the build and also started tearing down drywall to see what needs rerouted in the wall the tank will be housed in..... and well... there is some major HVAC work that will need to be done along with some electrical work of course.

I look forward to being able to frolic in my own journey with you guys again!!! Talk to everyone soon!

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Wow, that's going to be an epic build! Looking forward to following your progress. As mentioned above, getting down into the tank to scrape coraline or any other sandbed maintenance might be a challenge.

Best wishes!!!


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Yea I totally agree with you guys, it will certainly be a challenge... but the pain and struggle will be worth the reward in my opinion... I am hoping at least... I am 6'5" and have long lanky arms so I am hoping that helps me... I will also be keeping all this in mind when its time to build the reef.

Here are some updates!! got the floor plan laid out... HVAC rerouted from what you seen in the picture below!! ill snap some pics of the HVAC job later on as the flex tubing isn't pretty until its all tucked away.. but man... that was a job as everything needed to be custom and I'm not an HVAC professional to say the least... (I talked to a hvac friend of mine and he advised me of everything). Also scored two awesome 275g food grade stackable totes for 180$!!!! these will be for my salt mixing and fresh water storage (ro/di).