scrubbing live rock


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Getting my first batch of live rock and just wanted to go thru some things so I'm prepaired. I am using it to cycle my tank so it is uncured. So when I get it I am to scrub off the dead stuff in seawater with a new toothbrush, correct? How do I know what is dead and what is live? Is the dead stuff black? This is my first live rock and I dont know what looks like what.
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Yes, the dead stuff will be black or dark brown in color. Its safe to pretty much just give the entire rock a good scrubbing. I would use something a little bigger then a toothbrush. For the most part, the good live stuff that is going to survive you are not going to be able to casually scrub off.


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I made the mistake of scrubbing too much, don't do too much. Basically anything that smells bad should be scubbed off. A toothbrush didn't work well for me. I went to HD and got a bristle brush, I also used a dental pick.


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grocery store..plenty of brushes that are sold for washing dishes

wouldnt do the intial week or two in your tank, all that dead stuff is a pain in the butt to get rid of

i would get two rubbermaid containers and place them where you can easily drain them. scrub the rock in one bin, then place it in the other bin that has new water, dump out the yucky water, make some new water in the bin you just washed out, then in about 3 or 4 days, scrub them, and put them in the newer water. you basically go back in forth for a few weeks, then almost all dead stuff gets dumped out, not stuck in the bottom of your tank