Sea Hare eat macro cheato algae?


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I really enjoy having my sea hair in the tank. Everyone is always in shock when they see him. He already cleaned my tank of all the hair algae and have been hoping to supplement his diet with macro algae. I put him in the refugium and I swear my ball of cheato is getting small and smaller. Does anyone know if a sea hare will be healthy by eating that? I put him in the DT to rummage around then in every other day he goes in the refugium to snack on some cheato. Will that be enough for him?


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Whether or not the sea hare is getting enough to eat depends on things like the genus and species of the animal, how large it is, how active it is, and, probably, how similiar your tank replicates its natural home environment (as stressful situations are a metabolic tax on the system.) I can't answer any of those questions for you. I have never read of chaeto being one of the favored algae foods of any of the sea hares, though.


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i had a sea hare in my refugium for a while and it would eat the film algae off the chaeto but not the chaeto. It was so efficient that i had to supplement with nori, which kind of defeated the purpose and added nutrients to the system so i gave it away.