Sea Hares and Nori?


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Hey guys will sea hares eat Nori? Seeing how mine has removed every bit of algae from my tank in 10 days... I'm know looking for something to feed him. I don't currently have a fuge, or a constan supply of macro...

Give it a shot, pin down the nori with a piece of rock close to the sea hare only when it comes close to it, or it'll be gone by the time sea hare travels to it.
Yes... Sea hares... Well mine eats Nori. I pinched a piece between the magfloat and glass and slid it down in front of nim. He ate a 2"x 2" piece in under 3 mins!!! Good to know I can keep him around for a while and he won't starve.
I wrap a few sheets around a section of PVC and rubber band it. The sea hare will eat as much of it as he possibly can is a short while.
HAHAHAHA Yeah Mine has since removed all of my problem. How big is your Sea HAre? Did the HA grow back after a while?
Mine is about the size of a huge pear. The HA keeps growing back but that's only because I put him in my other tank to keep it mowed down too. Going back in the 180 this weekend for a few weeks and then back in the 75 after that.
Anyone have pictures of there sea hare? I am considering buying one and would like to get as much information as I can on them and also see a few that are in tanks.
Do you have massive amounts of hair algae or caulerpa that will sustain one? They eat and eat and eat algae. Thanks and I will post a couple pics of mine later.
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