sea hares and toxicity?


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Has anyone had a toxicity problem with a sea hare?
thinking of adding a few to clean up hair algae and im concerned it will color the tank when bothered by crabs, etc... (or powerhead).



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I got 1 in my nano and it started to die after 1 month of having it. I had lots of algae for it to eat still but i think i got a dud from the LFS. I didnt notice him in the corner of the tank for 3 days until my skimate was coming out BLACK. so i assumed it was him since i was warned about a whole tank crash if he croaked. IMO i would get one and just keep a very close eye on it. May just be hard with a 180g vs my 28gallon.


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I had one in my 12g. I can't remember what I was doing that ****ed him off, but he let off a big shot of purple ink. I didn't have any water ready to do a WC, so I just kept an eye on the tank and nothing happened.


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I have 2 in my 250 and they killed the hair algae problem in 2 weeks. I have had no issues and would recommend it for sure. In fact they are breeding like crazy in my tank they have laid eggs 2 different times. None of the babies have survived that I can see but who knows.