sea horses and octo?


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Okay, this is probably a pretty dumb question, but since I'm sure someone else has thought about it too, but maybe didn't know where to ask. If you were to throw some seahorses in an octo tank, or throw an octo in seahorse tank, would the seahorses be food or would they be cohabitants? thoughts and theories anyone?

unless it was a dwarf octo and the sea horse was 3 feet long then sea horses=expensive octo food :)

I havnt tried that in a tank but I am sure that is what will happen!

That's what I was thinking. Just wondering. :) I know octos have to be very entertaining, but what else can you keep with 'em? there has to be some sort of suitable fun things to keep with them that don't eat them or get eaten.
Well some people have had octos play with toys. Things like plastic bottles and so on but the only real documentation of that is limited to GPOs. I beleive there is an "enrichment" paper availble from cephbase if you have a look. (Okay, I'm relying on memory here but perhaps briareus is mentioned????)

As for live inhabitants. I think you are only going to get as exciting as starfish, urchins and maybe a really exciting bristleworm or two???!!! :)

somebody should through one in and make a great contabution to this site and settle it once and for all. Do it through a seahorse in and see if it works. I would try but i dont have seahorses yet. the one key ingredient in this experiment. So some should do it and take pics or vid.