Sea Robins

Lev F.

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Hello Everyone,

I have an enquiry about Sea Robins. I recently saw some at my LFS and am wondering about their care requirements. I found no useful information on the net. How Big do they get? What are their dietary requirements? Do they need any specialized care?

Any advice is greatly appreciated,
Thanks in advance,
Assuming they are calling the same fish a Sea Robin that I call a Sea Robin, they get large. I've seen a number of them over a foot in length, and pretty stocky. They have large mouths and are very predatory, anything that fits in it is considered dinner. I would recomend feeding them a variety of meaty foods such as silversides, krill, squid and clam.
Are you talking prionotus carolinus? They are an ambush predator loosely similar to P. Volitan in ecological niche. Although these guys do bury themselves a bit more in substrate/sand when young. Per fishbase they hit 38cm in length. Had one I caught snorkeling off NC coast until he jumped out of the tank (wasn't expecting that one given his body shape) Very cool fish, eats out of your hand, etc. Still a scorpionfish so they are venemous...

Hope this helps...
I have kept quite a few of these. I release them when they get too large. They can get a foot long but it's doubtful in a tank and they are not tropical. Unless they are selling something and calling it a sea robin. You can feed it live worms, clams or any meaty food. They will also eat any other fish small enough to fit in their mouths.
I can collect them here in NY by the dozens.