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Dr. Ron,
This may be an uninformed question but what about the Red Sea salt that I see for sale at the LFS and online. The claim is that the salt is 87% natural being made from evaporating water from the Red Sea. The claim is that the trace elements are at the same levels that occur in natural sea water. Is this company following your research or are the making the normal false claims that we see with so many other products, that your corals will appreciate you for buying this wonderful product. As my tank ages, it is now over 4 years, I am troubled by the statement in your most recent article that those of us using these mixes should rebuild every 5 years or so to avoid the toxin build up. Information can be a scary beast but I am certainly glad that someone is exposing the truth about our errors that have gone unexplained in the past. Kudos to the staff at Reefkeeping online magazine.
Thank you for your time,
Thanks and Yikes

Thanks and Yikes

Dr. Shimek,
Wow that study is scary. Thank you for the heads up on yet another false claim. All of the metals in the article are the same metals that you mention and are really elevated levels. Makes me nervous to do water changes or anything else for that matter. I feel aweful for the fauna in my tank. Thanks for opening eyes to the problem.
Choose your poison...

Choose your poison...

Thanks Doc. A quick review of all that data seems to reveal that my poison of choice, Instant Ocean, is among the least harmful.

Which brand do you use?
Dr. Ron, you said "that may change". Could you please expound on that statement. Naturally, I'm looking for the best option and would like to know more about salt mixes that would have you make the above mentioned statement.

Thanks, Keith
Hi Keith,

There are salt mixes that are not generally available to the aquarium hobby (for aquaculture, etc.) that are better, and I am seeing if I can purchase those.

Alternatively, I may mix my own.

Dr. Ron, no need to reply. I just wanted to thank you for all your time expended for the sake of nature as well as your fellow reefers.

Keith Stagg

Dr. Ron I'd like to echo Keith's sentiment. The time and effort you put into educating us as hobbiests is amazing to me, and much appreciated.

The next time I'm in Wilsall I'll buy you a beer or two.


Marc, I think that's an excellent question.

How could Red Sea Salt make that claim when it's levels of trace elements are actually much higher than NSW?

After these last few threads, I think more people will be collecting their own seawater. I wish I could get it delivered like Culligan.