Sea & Sea DX-8000G


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Does anyone have any opinions on the Sea & Sea DX-8000G? I'm looking to get an underwater/above water camera that is semi compact and takes good pictures. I've read some of the reviews online but am curious to find out more opinions.

I like:
-Compact Design (I mostly snorkel)
-Nice additions if I want to upgrade (strobes etc)
-Price (around $900 shipped)

I would like to:
-See more images taken by it above and below water
-Know more about it overall functionality

Any photos and or input would be appreciated!


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I have a Nikon motor marine for sale
Comes with camara, 35mm lens and close up built in, extra wide angle plus viewfinder, strobe and case
Excellent condition
Takes great shots

$275 takes it all , paid well over 1200 with the extra lenses and case